A very fun aspect of working at Silk&Burlap is being surrounded by beautiful things. We receive new deliveries almost daily and for this reason it feels like Christmas throughout the year as we open boxes of goodies we pick out months ahead of time. We have always had the policy for the shop that we buy what we love for both home & apparel...if we wouldn't wear it ourselves or put it in our own home, it doesn't belong in the shop. A great plan, right?! Yes, but makes it hard to not want it all. Since that's not realistic, we like to try merchandise on, ensuring it's fit & it's quality and we'll all throw out ideas of how to "style" it. It amazes me the different looks that can be achieved when you shake it up and add your own confident flair to it. We pour over design blogs and magazines and test out looks to find one that we personally feel comfortable with. In our homes, we move things around, creating pleasing vignettes, a little pretty, a little funky and a whole lot of fun.

Today, Jenni & Nada decided to try on:

The Alamo Print Romper by Ella Moss. 

Each girl had a different approach to how they would wear it. Both equally adorable!

We know that with temps in the single digits, the idea of shorts may seem crazy but the romper is adorable for those vacationing in warmer climates to escape the cold of winter. I could easily see it with a straw bag while shopping or putting on some booties to wear in the evening.

Take a look at how these two S&B shop girls gave it their own personal spin:

Nada has a cool, artistic vibe. She's a student yet has an old soul and I think both of those elements of her personality comes out in her fashion choices. She chose to mix it up adding a vintage camel hat with feather and a denim shirt for a groovy yet timeless approach.

She says she would wear her Bed Stu Lita Oxfords with it to complete the look. SWOON!


To shop Nada's look: Mother Denim Shirt, Vintage Hat, Ceri Hoover Foldover Clutch

We're inspired. Thanks Nada!

Jenni styled it in a way I would call a bit elegant + a bit bohemian = a whole lot of fun. She was inspired by the print and adorable 3/4 length sleeve. She took one look at it and knew right away she wanted to wear a tall boot with it. She then added a gorgeous Ella Moss sweater with fringe and as a final touch decided to add an Ada Wrap Belt.

To shop Jenni's look: Ella Moss Yuma Fringe Sweater, Bed Stu Bristol Boot, Snake Embossed Ada Wrap Belt, Moss Mills Clutch 

Once again, gorgeous & feeling inspired. Thanks Jenni.

Please chime in with thoughts on how or where you would wear this cute little number. We'd love to hear from you!


Saule & Angelique




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