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Being from California, winters in Maryland chill me to the bone.  As spring approaches, there are always days that give you a taste of what's to come, but only to be followed by pure disappointment when temperatures plunge again.  As March winds down, no one can deny that warm sunny days will soon be in abundance and I can officially pack the parka away until winter returns again.  One of the joys of living where there are seasons is the changing of the closet, like the changing of the guard, my seasonal flip comes with great pomp and circumstance especially when the transition is into warm weather wears.  This celebration is of course echoed at the shop and this season, there is a never ending abundance of fresh fashion that has me itching for a warm summer day and a party on my back porch.  


Here is a short list of things I can't get out of my head:

1.  Graphic Tees are my go to on any given day, like a plate full of comfort food, they are my happy place.  Could be the tomboy in me, or the quirky sayings, or the nostalgic reminder of something that makes me smile, but whatever it is, I find a way to wear them with just about anything in my wardrobe.  Our current selection of Zoe Karssen T's has me rearranging my wish list to accommodate just about every one.

2.  Midi rings are a trend I have not been able to embrace until our newest delivery of A Peace Treaty rings arrived recently. The adjustability factor is the link that has been missing for me and I am ready to jump feet first.  Midi today, gone tomorrow...no problem, just re-adjust....

3.  Have you noticed real matches are getting harder to find?  The lighter wand seems easy enough, but what happened to the match?  We recently started carrying matches I have imagined having at the shop for years--just couldn't find the right ones.  They are just perfect.  Fun, whimsical, colorful, cheery.  Too cute to tuck in a drawer, leave them out--they are sure to put a smile on your face.  The perfect accompaniment to an amazing candle.  It really has me wondering, what was wrong the match?? Buh-bye lighter wand.

4.  I was skeptical when I set aside these high rise flares in the fitting room (in fact I thought it a great opportunity to make the shop girls laugh at how ridiculous they would be on me), but lo and behold...my new obsession.  The Siren jean from MOTHER is just as described.  Want legs a mile long, extra control in the middle, an alternative to the skinny leg, all wrapped up in perhaps my favorite fabrication?  This is your jean. Buy 2 pairs.

5.  Spring brings as much excitement around the house as it does to my closet, and in my imagination, I would be able to shake the house out like a dusty throw rug, ridding it of memories of winter: dust, cobwebs, cold nights, snow shovels, mismatched mittens and all.  This bronze mini kiss from Kelly Wearstler is a sweet reminder that I will gladly be kissing winter goodbye.

6.  My youngest daughter was recently at the shop with me and stopped me in my tracks when she brought me this graphic pillow and suggested she probably needed this for her bed. Duh. Yes you do. And Yes! we should probably cuddle now. Stop and smell those sweet roses whenever you can, no matter the season.

7.  I am short. I would love the wear heels.  I must wear comfortable shoes, especially at the shop.  Platform, wedge, all leather, comfortable sole.  BED STU. I LOVE YOU. 



Hope to catch you around town soon,

I'll be in the graphic tee... riding my cruiser with my besties... after a good cuddle...






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