Obsessions of a Shop Girl: Holiday Style


Being a shop girl means holidays are a frenzy of:  hustle bustle at the boutique, kids' christmas programs, holiday parties, decorating, baking, and making sure Santa deliveries on his promises.  And after we have ensured our customers will be turning heads at their next holiday event, it doesn't leave us shop girls with much time or energy to pull ourselves together for our next after work holiday soiree.

But, as all shop girls do, I can't help obsessing about and justifying with no uncertain terms why I need a full party wardrobe upgrade, or even just a slice of celebratory fashion to brighten my holiday spirits. 

Here is a very short list of some of my favorites currently at the shop....at least until I pull the trigger and take one of these home with me--but never fear, there will be something new each week to fall in love with....

1.  Red Draped Jersey Maxi Dress with Rope belt by Rachel Zoe.  Va-va-voom. (no explanation necessary).

2. Fold over Leather Gold Metallic Clutch by GIGI New York.  So obsessed with this fold over design.  For me it is a nostalgic nod to the paper bag lunch made up in luxurious leather.  Something familiar turned into something incredibly new and fabulous!

3.  Pearl Trim Cocktail Dress by Rachel Zoe. In a way this feels far too sophisticated for my blue jeans and t-shirt tomboy self, but this is a complete slam dunk. From the silhouette, to the fun trim detail this is flattering, easy and needs no accessory!  And did I mention it is made up in my favorite colors? Black and White--LOVE.

4.  Crystal Fringe and Chain Earrings by Rebel Refined.  Um. Yes please! Rock Star earrings go with EVERYTHING!

5.  Stacked Crystals Cocktail Ring by Rebel Refined.  Timeless, simple, statement.  Every girl needs to own a WOW cocktail ring.

6.  Short Sleeve Mock Neck Dress by C/MEO Collective.  Winter for me brings the dreadful feeling of constantly being cold.  I love that this simple dress sports a short sleeve and is a bit heavier in weight to take the chill off at my next cocktail party.  And the fun flirty hemline is youthful yet sophisticated. Business on the top, party on the bottom--a fashion girl's response to the mullet. Touche mullet heads.

7.  Getaway Key Tag by Various Key Tags.  Every Bond Girl needs a getaway car.  Do I need to explain?

8.  Stone Cocktail Ring by Kate Hewko.  This reminds me of rock candy.  I have a sweet tooth. I would like to eat this ring.  Conversation starter, no brainer, super fun...

9.  Python Leather Clutch by GIGI New York.  I never met an animal print I didn't like.  And this one is laced with gold and adorned with a fringe tassle.  There are many things I can resist, but a good clutch is not one of them.  I will own this one day.  Rockstar cool, dressy enough for evening, edgy enough for pairing with a ripped up pair of jeans.  Must have.


Happy Holidays,




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