October Autumn PicksOct 17, 2016

The days are growing shorter and the weather cooler, so it's definitely time to break out those chunky sweaters, cozy hats, and snuggly scarves. We're not all about fluff and sweetness here at Silk&Burlap, though. While we love beautiful, warm wools and casual cardigans you can wear anywhere, we also love hand-selecting pieces that are a little edgy and off the beaten path. Whether it's a unique color, an eye-catching pattern, or a touch of interesting flare, these fall fashion picks will make fantastic additions to the wardrobe of anyone who like a bit of spice with their sweet.

Here are our highlighted vendors this month, all of which you can find in the store and online now!


Black Jer SweaterBlack Ves DressBoi Ankle Boot

We're currently carrying sweaters, dresses, coats, tops, and shoes from Intropia, and they're all incredible. This international designer offers fashion-forward pieces in a variety of unique fabrics and cuts, from sheer to professional. You'll find warm wool dresses and beautiful sweaters woven from metal fiber, and so much more. Choose something to add the perfect finishing touch to your date night outfit or a dress that can easily be worn to the office and out for drinks afterward.

Hat Attack

Water Resistant Felt HatAvery Charcoal - Navy Frayed RimmonArmy Green Original Medium Brim


Look out, you've never seen hats quite like these! Hat Attack hats are high-quality and fashionable, offering just the right touch of sophistication or fun to your look. The materials include formed wool, leather, beading, ribbon, and more, all designed into an affordable, beautiful hat. Our current selections are perfect for fall, especially the water resistant felt hat. Stop on in and try them on. Even if you aren't a hat person, you may change your mind once you try a Hat Attack hat!


Cozy Up Blanket with Berber LiningChunky Pom Pom Hat

We love the Lemon Collection for offering all the cozy, comfortable pieces we love to lounge in during the colder months without sacrificing quality or style. These socks, mukluks, hats, and mittens are beautifully knit and incredibly warm, perfect for watching a game outdoors or cozying up near the fire. Better yet, they're absolutely affordable so you don't have to break the bank to look stunning as rain weather turns to snow weather. We liked these pieces so much that we're also stocking knit blankets and pillows to give your home a nice winter vibe, too.

These are just three of our featured vendors this time, but be sure to visit the shop or browse online to see the full range of our current collection. There are plenty of places to stop for hot coffee nearby!

New Glassware, Apparel, and Handbags for AutumnAug 26, 2016

Now that summer's winding down and Starbucks is mere days away from unveiling several dozen pumpkin spice beverage variations, we find our minds frequently turning to thoughts of autumn. The colors on the trees, the crispness of the air, the cozy indoor gatherings, the additional layers of clothing to play with... it all makes for an exciting, interesting time of year. When we go on the hunt for new pieces to add to Silk&Burlap's collection, these are the things swirling in the back of our minds.

That means we end up with beautiful, quality-made items from a variety of creators. We have several new designers to feature this season, so we thought we'd highlight a few over the coming weeks!

First up: Easy, Tiger Drinkware.

Autumn and parties go hand-in-hand. There's football and the World Series, beer tasting with friends, Halloween masquerades, and dinner parties with all the fall favorites. All of those gatherings are almost guaranteed to come with a certain number of libations, and true to our usual sense of style, we wanted to offer up something that looks incredible without taking itself too seriously.

Stay Fancy Wine GlassDrinky Low Ball GlassBeer Snob Pint Glass

Enter Easy, Tiger! This glassware will make your home bar look great while showcasing this designer's signature tongue-in-cheek attitude. Finely-made pub and tulip glasses let you know it's "Beer Thirty" for all your "Beer Nerd" friends in classy gold lettering. There are also plenty of cocktail and wine glasses to join the party, so there's something for everyone. We love the way this drinkware works for men and women alike, and we're excited to start carrying beer glasses, which we've never done before. We'll be getting our first shipment in soon!

Next: Amadi Apparel.

Amadi is perfect in more ways than one. They offer up a variety of lovely neutral options that are fantastic for building a fall wardrobe around, but these pieces are far from plain. This designer always offers something pretty with interesting, eye-catching details that don't overwhelm an ensemble. The fit and cut stand out, letting you showcase your unique and individual style. Best of all, these pieces offer incredible quality at a great price point so you can stock your closet with beautiful, wearable clothing without having to pay through the nose.

We love Amadi's versatility and style, and we know you will, too. Our fall selections are currently available in the store.

Last (this time around): Monserat de Lucca Handbags.

We are so excited to feature this season's Monserat de Lucca Handbags. These are gorgeous, handmade bags crafted with special attention to detail. The designer is based in L.A. and there's a certain West Coast feel to the style, though they fit easily into the style of the East Coast as well. They showcase your stylish fashion-forward side without getting too stuffy about it. Monserat de Lucca bags offer exquisite patterns and colors that look perfectly at home alongside your signature style.

These are just a few of our current favorite items for fall, either in the shop now or coming in very soon. We'll have another new blog soon featuring a few more. In the meantime, please visit us online or at the shop to see the lovelies in person!

Design Talk With Lindsey BeamanAug 09, 2016

North Carolina gal and now local designer Lindsey Beaman lets us in on what she’s loving right now, who inspires her most, and what to binge watch next on Netflix!


You just recently moved to Frederick. Where did you move from? What is your favorite thing to do in Downtown Frederick?

I recently moved here from North Carolina, where I am originally from. I was offered a job in Bethesda and was ready for a change so I decided to make Maryland my new home. I fell in love with Downtown Frederick the first time I came to visit. I was looking for a lively city with a hometown feel and that is exactly what I found here. I love walking downtown, finding a cute restaurant to eat dinner on the patio, going for brunch, and visiting all of the unique, locally owned shops downtown. 


Where did the name Adelena Ray come from?

Adelena Ray is a combination of my middle name (Adele), my sister's first name (Elena) and my brother's first name (Ray). 


Whose style do you admire? 

Emma Watson. Her style is simple, but polished. And she is a lover of neutrals!


Do you have advice for juggling two jobs?

Organization, planning and time management are key and I admit I continuously have to work on this.  I am also finishing my Master’s degree at George Washington University so I still don’t have the balance down pat, but I’ve learned a few strategies to keep myself together. I always try to prioritize and plan my week ahead of time, set weekly goals, find encouragement when I am feeling stressed and lastly, take a few hours every week for some “me time.” The last year has been a crazy ride between working full time, going to school part time and starting Adelena Ray, but I wouldn’t change a thing as I have learned more about myself and formed new friendships along the way.


Tell us a little about what inspired you and when did you start teaching yourself?

I like wearing pieces that are unique and aren't sold in every store that you walk into. I started making jewelry for myself because I could not find exactly what I was looking for. People would always ask where I got my necklaces from so I began making custom orders and then slowly started increasing production. I first began selling my collection in a boutique in Fayetteville, NC, close to where I grew up. Once I moved to Maryland I decided to find a boutique that aligned with the style of my collection and that is how I ended up at Silk & Burlap, the first boutique in Maryland to sell this line. 


What advice do you have for young women looking to start their own business?

Work hard, don’t give up and learn to accept chaos. It will take many early mornings and many late nights, but it is worth it when pursuing a job of your dreams. While it is important to make your business a top priority, it is also necessary to take time for yourself. I have found that I feel more energetic, I’m able to maintain a positive outlook and I feel a greater sense of motivation when I take time to let my mind and body take a breather.


What do you like to do on your days off?  

To be honest, I usually spend my days off making and designing jewelry. I also enjoy going for brunch and mimosas downtown (Café Nola is a favorite), going for an occasional yoga class, and taking my dog, Tee-jay, for a walk on the creek or Baker Park. 


Do you have a favorite book/ movie?

I just recently watched Inside Out which is probably my new favorite movie! I don’t think I have finished a book within the last year, but the next two books on my list are Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling.

Margarita or Mojito?


Mountains or Beach?



Soft Taco or Hard Tacos?


Leo or Ryan Gosling?

That's a tough one. I would gladly take either, but I'm going to have to say Ryan.

Silver or Gold?


What is your most used emoji?

The little monkey!


Thanks Lindsey, we have enjoyed getting to know you a little more. We love our hometown Frederick, MD and are thrilled you do too!
We are looking forward to hanging out with this inspirational lady Saturday August 13th, 2016. If you can't make it in for the trunk show, Adelena Ray is currently available at Silk&Burlap ready to be shopped!

Girls Night Out Frederick: 5 Years of Fabulous EventsDec 15, 2015


The year Angelique and I started our business we sadly lost a friend and her family to a domestic violence tragedy.  When we opened our brick and mortar shop a year later, we wanted to give back to a local organization that not only helped our community be a better place to live, but one that specifically supported women and children.  Through our friendship and partnership with the CEO of the Heartly House at the time, Girls Night Out Frederick was born.

We have hosted 2 Girls Night Out Frederick events every year since and this year the money we have raised surpassed the $23,000 mark.  Sometimes we wonder if our event attendees even realize the importance of joining us for an evening out with friends as the atmosphere is a festive one filled with laughter and friendship.  We strive to not only raise money to support the Heartly House but to also educate our attendees on the services the Heartly House has to offer to women and children in our community faced with domestic violence.  Thank you to our friends and neighbors who have sponsored, attended, hosted and donated to our event over the past 5 years.  We truly treasure your partnership.

We are always challenged with keeping this event fun, fresh, and relevant to our community and we hope to have exciting new things in store as we begin our 6th year of Girls Night Out events.  We hope you check in with us to find out what we have planned for Spring 2016 GNO....

 You can stay tuned by following Girls Night Out Downtown Frederick Facebook Page.



Saule + Angelique 



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