New Glassware, Apparel, and Handbags for Autumn

Now that summer's winding down and Starbucks is mere days away from unveiling several dozen pumpkin spice beverage variations, we find our minds frequently turning to thoughts of autumn. The colors on the trees, the crispness of the air, the cozy indoor gatherings, the additional layers of clothing to play with... it all makes for an exciting, interesting time of year. When we go on the hunt for new pieces to add to Silk&Burlap's collection, these are the things swirling in the back of our minds.

That means we end up with beautiful, quality-made items from a variety of creators. We have several new designers to feature this season, so we thought we'd highlight a few over the coming weeks!

First up: Easy, Tiger Drinkware.

Autumn and parties go hand-in-hand. There's football and the World Series, beer tasting with friends, Halloween masquerades, and dinner parties with all the fall favorites. All of those gatherings are almost guaranteed to come with a certain number of libations, and true to our usual sense of style, we wanted to offer up something that looks incredible without taking itself too seriously.

Stay Fancy Wine GlassDrinky Low Ball GlassBeer Snob Pint Glass

Enter Easy, Tiger! This glassware will make your home bar look great while showcasing this designer's signature tongue-in-cheek attitude. Finely-made pub and tulip glasses let you know it's "Beer Thirty" for all your "Beer Nerd" friends in classy gold lettering. There are also plenty of cocktail and wine glasses to join the party, so there's something for everyone. We love the way this drinkware works for men and women alike, and we're excited to start carrying beer glasses, which we've never done before. We'll be getting our first shipment in soon!

Next: Amadi Apparel.

Amadi is perfect in more ways than one. They offer up a variety of lovely neutral options that are fantastic for building a fall wardrobe around, but these pieces are far from plain. This designer always offers something pretty with interesting, eye-catching details that don't overwhelm an ensemble. The fit and cut stand out, letting you showcase your unique and individual style. Best of all, these pieces offer incredible quality at a great price point so you can stock your closet with beautiful, wearable clothing without having to pay through the nose.

We love Amadi's versatility and style, and we know you will, too. Our fall selections are currently available in the store.

Last (this time around): Monserat de Lucca Handbags.

We are so excited to feature this season's Monserat de Lucca Handbags. These are gorgeous, handmade bags crafted with special attention to detail. The designer is based in L.A. and there's a certain West Coast feel to the style, though they fit easily into the style of the East Coast as well. They showcase your stylish fashion-forward side without getting too stuffy about it. Monserat de Lucca bags offer exquisite patterns and colors that look perfectly at home alongside your signature style.

These are just a few of our current favorite items for fall, either in the shop now or coming in very soon. We'll have another new blog soon featuring a few more. In the meantime, please visit us online or at the shop to see the lovelies in person!


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