Home Furnishings

In his book Eccentric Spaces, Robert Harbison  once said, "We need two homes, a green one and a brown one, a grown one and a built one, two worlds in tension." He was a man who appreciated both imagination and the ability to blend art, landscape, poetry, and home. At Silk&Burlap, we have a similar desire to blend the comfort of the hearth with the art and adventure of life beyond four walls. When we select home décor to feature in our shop, we do so with an eye toward creating a home that's so much more than one thing.

Your home is a safe space, a family space, a space to lay your head and keep your heart. It's also a reflection of who you are, showcasing your passion and personality. We aim to offer pieces that meet somewhere in the middle -- candles, rugs, mirrors, pillows, lighting, art, and more that offers all of the tenderness of home without sacrificing style and fun. Our inventory is always shifting with the tide of current trends and our own taste, offering up a little West Coast on the East Coast or industrial metals alongside vintage wood. You'll even find cards and paper products that offer just the right touch to the grocery list on your fridge or the memo pad on your office desk.

Life's lived in the little details. There's much to be said about both growing a home and building one, and we are constantly in search of that sweet spot. One part organic, one part designed, 100% personal. All of our items are ethically-sourced and just the right mix of casual and edgy. Please view our online shop or visit us in person to see the current offerings!

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