Kitchen & Tabletop

They say hearth is the heart of the home, and we know that's true, especially when you're part of an active family. Everyone spends time in the kitchen, whether it's for a relaxed evening meal, wandering in and out to chat during a party, or serving breakfast while the kids prep for school. Sometimes it's the only time you get to be all together. That's why we feel it's important to make the space as warm, fun, and livable as possible.

We scour the country (and sometimes the world) for the ideal accoutrements for the modern home chef and host, finding pieces for everything from creating perfectly muddled cocktails to storing your favorite recipes.  These items aren't just practical, they're also beautiful, quirky, and stylish, just like you. We know you don't just want your kitchen to be functional -- you want it to be a place you love to spend your time. It should be a space for someone who loves color and fresh food, style and good booze, cooking and creating. Best of all, every piece we offer is ethically-sourced and hand-curated by our owners, Angelique and Saule. They're professionals and family women, and they love great food and drink, so you know you're in the right hands.

When you want something fresh and funky that works with your lifestyle and can stand up in a super-social kitchen, just swing by Silk&Burlap. You'll find all our latest selections online and in the store, so please take a look!

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