Silk&Burlap: An Evolution of Style

Company History

Introduced by their toddler girls in 2008, Angelique and Saule's west coast vibe and love of style made for an instant connection. Soon after meeting, it became obvious that their unique and complementary talents would result in a very powerful business partnership. Both had previously had visions of opening their own boutiques, and after some time encouraging each other with "I will if you will", they quickly decided "WE will"!

With Angelique's history as a Distric Manager for Williams-Sonoma and Saule's experience as a Buyer with Nordstrom, the pair strikes a great balance which has led to the creation of a perfectly balanced lifestyle boutique. Their passion for creating warm interiors with a collected-over-time feel and their love for ever-changing, always evolving world of fashion blended effortlessly to create a uniquely curated boutique with a focus on made in the USA fashion and accessory brands, vintage upcycled furnishings, and unique wares for the modern home that will keep you inspired from season to season.  Their passion and commitment for local charities has led to the development of several annual events that give back to their local community.

With the loving support of their husbands and 6 children (3 each that is!), they are balancing the addition of their little shop to busy lives and are thrilled to explore creative ways to nurture its evolution.





Mission Statement:

To recognize the lasting beauty in well designed wares for Femme and Home; to bring smart, accessible style to the lives of our customers through upcycled treasures for the home blended with unique apparel and women's accessories while supporting the core values of nurturing family, community, and the environment.

We are so glad you found us!

Check in often as things are always evolving at Silk&Burlap. And don't hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help you find your very own style evolution